I have professional supervisory support and work on the following topics with the aim of making you more aware of what you can change in one or another aspect of your life:

  • Personal development.

  • Identity questions (Who am I? What do I want? What is my path)?

  • How to recover from setbacks?

  • Self-esteem questions (Can I do it yet? / Am I ready)?

  • Fear of public speaking / appearing.

  • Difficulty establishing / building / maintaining friendly / professional / romantic relationships.

  • Difficulty finding friends / work / love.

  • Questions about sexuality.

  • My parents won't let me go.

  • Procrastination / breaking promises to oneself / having no ambition / having too much ambition.

  • Experiencing anxiety, panic attacks, signs of depression.

  • Experiencing guilt / shame.

  • Unable to understand my feelings, difficult to express them / lacking clarity and direction.

I provide psychotherapy services both in person and online.

Consultation price: 30 EUR
Consultation duration: 50 minutes