Who am I?

My name is Vytis, I am a Gestalt therapy practitioner. I chose to study Gestalt therapy because it is a place where I could get answers to important questions and concerns, and directly help others to understand themselves. Also, I am glad that you are here and that you are wondering about therapy as well.

Gestalt and Me.

In Gestalt therapy, one of the most important aspects is the contact between two people. During my studies in this branch of psychotherapy I analysed myself in terms of how I am in contact with others, what I am angry about, what I am happy about, what I do not express, what I am afraid to express, where I hold back and what I avoid. All this helped me to know myself more clearly and to change.

The "Me and You" Relationship.

In a Gestalt therapy session I am me and you are you. We have a space where we can be ourselves. We come into the therapeutic relationship as we are, bringing our own experience, and we leave the relationship also as ourselves, but perhaps a little changed, having discovered something or having felt something new. This way, we slowly learn to be in contact differently and to express ourselves differently. This is my experience with Gestalt. Now I would like to hear about you.